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Posted by Gothellick - March 9th, 2011

The new songs are becoming more than I expected,
Infinite Brutality Doesn't sound so brutal and the remakes allready sound much better the the old one's

I'm Twistsanity and this is news about my new album!
Bye Destin! (From Hard News, Screwattack.com)

tody I'm happy to announce I've started on some new projects, these new songs include a Dubstep remix of various well known Dub step mixes and a megamix of most of my songs! also the Godfather theme is in paused production, but I'm going to pick it up as fast as possible! this is also my first full computer made song, fully by my own hands. the godfather theme remix will arrive somewhere this year and will only be released as a final product, the rest will possibly see beta's on the way and will be updated later on.

Next to the new remakes of the brutal Duo of 2009 there will be, as I mentioned in a post I made earlier, a third Brutality, this third and final brutal song will not be called Brutallity after all, cause after mixing it up it seemed not really brutal, and so I made the desision not to call it: ''Infinite Brutality'' after all. it's possible that later on a fully hand made brutality song will be presented, like a live version or a full studio recording, cause some parts of the track are played on a virtual instrument!

this was my update on the new stuff, I'd like to tell you more about my new productions, but they'r not far enough in production to be considered as one of the new projects.

Thanks everyone who have been supporting me on this project, from the beginning I did this because I love it, I have absolutely no intention of making money off this, it's absolutely just for your entertainment! thanks everyone!


Some more News

Posted by Gothellick - March 3rd, 2011

stupid computer, I really hate windows Vista.
well the new cleaned remasters are behind on schedual.
also because im writing, directing and editing a movie.

oh, and I lost most of the material, I really hate windows vista!
well, lets remaster the guitar solo then, I totally forgot how to play the solo's.

see you next time with the new edition of Driven by Brutality
I Hope!

Posted by Gothellick - March 2nd, 2011

So I Desided not to stop working on my new album, my first and second album will be released in 1 package. The Second Secret will still contain the songs that I have recently uploaded, and some of the old songs willr eceive Remasters with better sound, hoping for a better score, also the Brutality songs will be remade and will get a third song called ''Infinite Brutality'' this is supposed to be the best of the trilogy, and will come AFTER I finished with the remakes! thanks for reading!


Posted by Gothellick - January 12th, 2011

So after I uploaded all the remaining projects and check out the reviews after a day, I see that the score is unbelievable low.. I know the songs ain't the best ever made, but they arn't so bad are they?

And btw my songs are not completely made with Mixcraft, also with FL and Techno Maker and Trance studio.

I actually worked for 4 months on the songs!

Posted by Gothellick - December 24th, 2010

I have been off it for a while, broke my fucking hand, that sucked!
well.. I didn't break it, I had to be operated because.. well, what do you care anyway!

The album is behind on schedual, WHAT SCHEDUAL? exactly, there is no schedual, so everything's perfect!


paragonX9.. I understand you.. (she had the same problem)

So, it's still coming out, but not now, actually, Im uploading everything I have right now!

Not interrested!

Posted by Gothellick - September 29th, 2010

Good morning everybody,
Ive been mixing all night, and I made a few adjustments to my plans,
My new Album, called ''The Second Secret'' will contain a lot of new songs,
all will be released on Newgrounds!

Songs So Far:
*Life's A Game
*Godfather Theme (Cover)
*Surfin' Rock
*Latino Punk 2
*Face The World Alone
*BallBreaker 3: Rematch
*Ballbreaker 3: Short Remix

I'll Be Back!

Posted by Gothellick - September 28th, 2010

Im very happy to announce that my return will bring much more than expected, the new song count is on 4 now, when a song is complete it will be uploaded immediatly!

More = better in this case, the mixing is going great!!

Posted by Gothellick - September 22nd, 2010

After a Long time I Have desided to return to mixing up crappy sounds too little less crappy sounds!
name of my first new song is Vision Of Humanity, which will have the same feel as some of my best songs like creep space alert! the most common release would be Ballbreaker 3, BUT I can't find the DVD with shitty noises on it I use for the songs! so, when I find it, I promise I will return with Ballbreaker!!


Posted by Gothellick - November 20th, 2009

what will become of it, dive in the mysteries of newgrounds in combination with your own Dj Gothellick and check out the new song Ballbreaker 2: The Return of Tekk Version bravo

Rate and comment =D

Posted by Gothellick - September 14th, 2009

I can not believe my songs made it just higher then just some worthless crap, its actually good! =D
Thanx for your support Y'all =D

there Will be Much More Songs Coming!
From My new Album ''Live At Eas''

(A Sequel To The 2008 Album ''Lands of Magic'' By Gothellick (me) And Dj Enx (Some Other Guy xD))

Available At The piratebay, and foor the awesome true fans, the orginal CD is available if you make contact with me via head1993@live.nl, the cds will be sold to you by Marista records.

December 2009, the new album!

Well, Thanx For Everything, these Songs Are For You And You Deserve Them Free!

have Fun With it!