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Some more News

2011-03-09 04:13:21 by Gothellick

The new songs are becoming more than I expected,
Infinite Brutality Doesn't sound so brutal and the remakes allready sound much better the the old one's

I'm Twistsanity and this is news about my new album!
Bye Destin! (From Hard News,

tody I'm happy to announce I've started on some new projects, these new songs include a Dubstep remix of various well known Dub step mixes and a megamix of most of my songs! also the Godfather theme is in paused production, but I'm going to pick it up as fast as possible! this is also my first full computer made song, fully by my own hands. the godfather theme remix will arrive somewhere this year and will only be released as a final product, the rest will possibly see beta's on the way and will be updated later on.

Next to the new remakes of the brutal Duo of 2009 there will be, as I mentioned in a post I made earlier, a third Brutality, this third and final brutal song will not be called Brutallity after all, cause after mixing it up it seemed not really brutal, and so I made the desision not to call it: ''Infinite Brutality'' after all. it's possible that later on a fully hand made brutality song will be presented, like a live version or a full studio recording, cause some parts of the track are played on a virtual instrument!

this was my update on the new stuff, I'd like to tell you more about my new productions, but they'r not far enough in production to be considered as one of the new projects.

Thanks everyone who have been supporting me on this project, from the beginning I did this because I love it, I have absolutely no intention of making money off this, it's absolutely just for your entertainment! thanks everyone!


Some more News


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2011-03-09 05:24:02

sounds awesome love dubstep :D